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A passionate educator turned zesty wife to my soulmate Mr. R before finally settling for now – an optimistic stay-at-home mum to a grand total of 1.5 kids (a life still growing fruitfully inside of me and an inquisitive toddler). Liken to the many who are hidden shower singers, I could secretly be a closet writer of my life reflections on one of the world’s greatest responsibility – motherhood.

In my world of parenting utopia, we will all be free from judgments or comparisons which may make us feel lesser than who we truly are. Come into my one-of-a-kind exploration, where I have a genuine heart to reach out to you with useful information and sincere sharing about the uniqueness of parenthood (*Grand cheers* to involved fathers!) In time to come, I hope my writings can resonate with you as a parent, a spouse, a son/daughter or simply as a human who just needs kind support and a source of common space through this breathtaking journey.